Fire Door inspection

With an advisory of all fire doors requiring an inspection at least once a year, Maple Carpentry (UK) Ltd have invested a considerable amount of time into consulting our clients on their options and requirements once a defect has been identified.

On all inspections a detailed fire door inspection report is produced for the client to review and all cost-effective options are proposed and where any value engineering can be archived.

Fire Door Installation

The installation of fire doors involves several different elements to archive a fully compliant effective door set. At Maple Carpentry we pride ourselves in our work from the provisional documentation required both before and after the installation has taken place. All our fire doors are certified by our accredited BM-Trada Q-Mark scheme inspector and all our fire doors installers are trained within our own facility prior to any site installation.

Fire Door Maintenance

As mentioned in our fire door inspection article, in some cases a defective fire door set replacement can be avoided and the use of fire door maintenance techniques applied to existing elements in order to archive equal performance to that of a new fire door set. Our fire door installers also undertake intense training to identify were these methods of maintenance can be utilised compliantly.

Fire Door Manufacturing

With facilities owned by Maple Carpentry we can offer where possible manufactured fire door sets constructed under the products own global assessments. This means that when a fire doors set is constructed form various components that combined, they are both compliant and designed to archive the highest performance. All documentation of the products and installation are presented to the client upon completion for ongoing maintenance.

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